Tickets & Merchandise

Gold Sponsorship Tier


Admission for five (5) people | Event Dates: January 11th, 12th, 13th | Please note that part of the proceeds will support Age Concern, Bermuda Nurses Association, and Bermuda Physiotherapy Association.

  • Single Registrant, Multiple Check-Ins: With this ticket, there is one designated Single Registrant, but it allows for multiple check-ins per ticket. This means that you can have multiple attendees under a single ticket type.
  • Name Collection: During the ticket purchase process, you will have the opportunity to provide the names of each individual within your group who will be attending the event. We strongly recommend collecting this information beforehand to facilitate a smooth and efficient registration process.
  • Entrance: On the event day, an attendee list containing the names of all registered participants will be conveniently available at the entrance. This setup ensures a quick and hassle-free check-in experience for your entire group.
  • Communication: After your purchase is complete, our event administrator will reach out to the Single Registrant, whose details you provided during the purchase. They will assist in coordinating any additional requirements and addressing any inquiries or concerns that your group may have.