Strokes are survivable

We believe in taking action to minimize the burden of cardiovascular disease in Bermuda.

GIVE cerebrovascular
accident A Chance
at recovery

Stroke Report

The Our World in Data Statistics confirms Stroke as the second leading cause of death in Bermuda.

Our Nationwide Online Survey about lived experiences serves a high percentage of the disabled population in Bermuda. 

S.T.R.O.K.E. -Sustainable Therapy & Rehabilitation Optimizing Kinetic & Neuromuscular Excellence.

Lived Experiences

The lived experiences of members of our community tell a real story that cannot be ignored.

Real people, real stories, true impact.

Access to care

Specialist services for stroke rehabilitation appeared to be hard to come by in general.

The is a global shortage of all forms of Healthcare practitioners.


It was difficult to how get treated for everything related to their stroke recovery, and to have their rehabilitative needs met once discharged from the hospital. 

Many felt that more prompt access to rehabilitation and support services are needed as are clear pathways and careful coordination of the various services required. 

How best can we help facilitate an already challenging situation affecting various facets of life?

Financial COntraints

Many participants felt that cost of paying for rehabilitation was a barrier to access

Many participants who require access to long-term rehabilitation avoided accessing private therapeutic care, or had to cease participating in therapy due to financial implications.

There is little hope for many, especially the working age population CVA sufferers.

A Support Group is Coming

Evolution Healing Centre has commissioned the start of a new Stroke support group for patients, by patients, with patients in 2024. 

Stay tuned for more about it.

If you wish to be added to the Stroke support group mailing list:

Please email: “Stroke Support” to [email protected]

rehabilitation works

"Patients still require this and a shot at recovery as much as possible"

- Anonymous

"After rehab away for four weeks, I feel that that is the end of rehab."

- Anonymous

Proposed Collaboration

  • Seek ethics approval for a larger survey and collaborate with the BHB and other community partners to gather more information.
  • Establish an improved stroke care pathway
  • Design a pilot study and gain funding to execute it.
  • Provide specialised MDT services with a well-designed care model.